RV Accidents

RV Accident Attorneys in Los Angeles, CA

The Los Angeles personal injury attorney you choose can have a major impact on the results of your RV accident case, including the recovery for your damages.

We understand that you could be frustrated after getting in an accident with your RV. Your trip could be ruined, or your vehicle damaged beyond repair. Whatever the case, we have the experience and expertise at KAASS LAW to assist you with any of your accident related concerns.

Our team at KAASS offers a free consultation for all roadway related accidents. Give us a call if you have any concerns and we will do our best to assist you at our fullest capacity. 

Complete RV accident services

Our law firm can provide you with complete legal assistance for your RV Accident case. We have a directory of resources to get you set up with the proper assistance. We offer resources in areas like RV repairs, vehicle rentals and finding the right medical facilities to assist you with any injuries. 

No matter what step of the process you are in, we are here to provide you with the legal assistance that you are in need of.

RV Accident Settlements

The best case scenario for all RV accident cases is to receive a fair settlement outside of court. Our goal at KAASS LAW is to provide our clients with the highest possible compensation for all damages that are a result of an RV Accident. You may be eligible for compensation in areas like:

  • Past and future medical bills

  • Emotional distress

  • Pain and suffering

  • Lost earning capacity

  • Loss of consortium

  • Medical bills

  • Property damage

  • Treatments

  • Hospital bills

  • Pain and suffering

  • Future treatment

  • Lost wages

  • Loss of future income

  • Any other accident related losses. 


If the we are unable to receive fair compensation in the settlement stages, our team at KAASS is ready to take your case to trial.

Why Litigation Matters

When an insurance company fails to provide an offer that fairly compensates our clients for their damages, its important to have a team behind you that is willing to go to trial for your fair compensation.

Choosing an attorney who does not offer litigation for their clients, may impact the settlement of your case. At KAASS LAW we will never hesitate to fight for the fair reimbursement of our clients.

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